Zardosi mehndi designs

mehndi designs

Zardosi Mehndi designs

The literal meaning of Zardosi refers to intricate embroidery done using gold strings.

The crucial part of Zardosi is its detailed designs. And so to have the variance in mehndi styles Zardosi mehndi designs has become very popular. It brings ornamentation if practiced with bridal mehndi designs. How fabulous and royal the bridal mehndi designs will look if it is combined with Zardosi designs !!!. browse through these magnificent Zardosi mehndi designs.

Diverse style and patterns have emerged in mehndi designs. zardosi mehndi designs are much popular for its traditional patterns inspired with intricate and contemporary style. Due to its delicate  designs it is much liked and applied on all occasions like wedding, valentine’ day or Eid.  Combining Zardosi mehndi designs with stones and glitters has improvised the concept of mehndi from an art form to fashion accessory.

Images displayed here are from easy Zardosi mehndi style to Bridal mehndi style. For free download of more images one can browse through mehndi designs videos. Also one can surf through more for bridal mehndi designs,henna designsRajasthani mehndi designs and Indian mehndi designs.







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